researching media in everyday lives

 Please submit your essay here. Answer only one essay question. Word count of 2500 – 100% of overall mark for the Module. 

  • Either:
  • Looking back across the whole range of published studies – from 1980 through to the present – which have been discussed over the course of this module, what do you see as some of the main continuities and shifts, over that period, in academic research on media uses in day-to-day contexts? [Address issues of theory and/or method, the findings of any empirical research, and the overall themes.]
  • Or:
  • In your view, what are the most important future directions for researching media in everyday lives? And why do you consider these to be the most important? You must justify your answers with reference to several previous studies in this area of investigation, chosen from among those discussed on the module.


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researching media in everyday lives
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