Respond 400 words | English homework help

should be made with an eye to expand, clarify, defend, and/or refine their thoughts. You can ask questions or respond generally to the overall experience

I have experienced a place and I was very disappointed because I have visited Hawaii and their Mexican food is not good and you set in a traffic jam for hours. When I read Audre Lorde story “The Fourth of July” When she said ” In Washington, D.C., we had one large room with two double beds and an extra cot for me. It was a back-street hotel that belonged to a friend of my father’s who was in real estate, and I spent the whole next day after Mass squinting up at the Lincoln Memorial where Marian Anderson1 had sung after the D.A.R.2 refused to allow her to sing in their auditorium because she was Black. Or because she was “Colored,” my father said as he told us the story. Except that what he probably said was “Negro,” because, for his time, my father was quite progressive. ( pg 170, The Fourth of July). I could relate to this because I had just moved to Appleton, WI and I was new and I had gotten hungry so I went to go get me some pizza and the woman who worked in their said to another man look at this negro so I acted like I didn’t hear her so I still ordered and then 3 caucasian men ordered after me and I was the last person to get my order and my food was half done so I can relate to this but it didn’t do anything but make me a stronger person but I still ended up meeting new people my race and other races.

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Respond 400 words | English homework help
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