Respond to classmate post | Reading homework help

comment on the posting from your classmate below. Show that you have thought about the prompt and that you can provide a thoughtful response to your classmate.

Classmates response:

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Respond to classmate post | Reading homework help
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I would explain the COVID-19 as a multidisciplinary issue- It took scientist, healthcare workers, politicians, economist and the general population to work together to help mediate and get to where we are today.

Scientist worked with big pharma to create a vaccine quickly. Healthcare workers have been working around the clock on the front lines in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Politicians are working to help with funding and unemployment assistance for people who lost their job due to the sudden pandemic. Economist are working with the politicians to stimulate the economy and assist small businesses. The general population are, mostly, wearing masks, staying home if they are sick, and working to help others who are affected. I personally had COVID earlier this year and my friends banded together to pick up groceries and drop them at my front door for 2 weeks. There is a sense of community that has occurred with this pandemic. People are looking out for each other in ways they didn’t before.

In my article there is a valid point to College students I wanted to share: “College life is especially difficult. The psychological angst felt by many on campus, away from family, is palpable as young adults head to class (either online or in person) anxious about an uncertain future and their own mental health, a kind-of psychological “profits” and “loss” not addressed by conventional economics. In general, any topic related to health, whether it be the economy, the self, nutrition, the environment, and so on—necessitates that we not only consider individuals within their lived contexts, but recognize the limitations of singular disciplinary thinking” (Dickson, WNTER 2020/ Spring 2021).

I want to end with probably the best paragraph in the article that fully describes our interdisciplinary degree path and the COVID- 19 pandemic: “Certainly, we are living in a world of greater interdependence that requires interdisciplinary solutions. The Coronavirus may have slowed things down, but it also gave us pause. Through interdisciplinary research, definitions are clarified, commonalities emerge, and intersections form. As a student whose academic focus is interdisciplinarity, I have been able to develop methods of integration and connection to heal, both personally and academically. I see the value of common ground and pulling together content from multiple disciplinary insights and perspectives to better understand our current health crisis. Interdisciplinary research is not only necessary, but foundational to providing innovative solutions to complex problems like health” (Dickson, WNTER 2020/ Spring 2021).


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