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Response 1a yatta | Education homework help
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I enjoyed reading your post. Teachers have to deal with a lot of situations. Different types of behaviors are sometimes very hard to deal with, but a teacher has to always be on guard and not let the situation get the best of them. I think think that a lot of students misbehave because there is a lot taking place at their home environment and sometimes students may have more needs than others. Some students aren’t receving the attention that they are desiring at home. Students face a lot of difficult situations outside of school. I don’t think that indiviuduals realize how much your environment has an effect on a you. A teacher must know instantly how to deal with situation when they arise in the classroom. A lot of times when students are having behavioral issues it disrupts and distracts the rest of the students. I think that a lot of times disruptive behavior isn’t fair to the other children who want to learn. I know that we all have off set days at times, but different types of behaviors will take away from your instruction time. You have to reallly know how to deal with the situation when it comes. 

Many teachers have consequences for the students who misbehave in the classroom. Me personally, if it is an ongoing situations that keeps taking place I would notify the parents about having a meeting.

I am a preschool teacher and yes I have had to deal with a lot of situations. We have a lot of foster children that come to our center at times and it’s a battle sometimes. When students act out, I sit and wonder what has the students been through. I know that it is hard to be moved from one place to the next and it’s hard when you don’t have your parents. My heart is moved with compassion for these students. I know it’s hard. I wonder what would I have done without having my mom. I know that there is emptiness. I ask the question, what did their parents do to get put in the predicament of being separated from their children.

I look at my job as a ministry and not just a job. Children need support, compassion, encouragement, and motivation. You have to seriously know how to handle the different situations when they arise.  Sometimes I wonder is there any trainings that they have to take in order to deal with off set behavior, but I believe that prayer can handle anything.


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