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Please readh the below project proposal post and provide two responses in 75 to 100 words


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Response required project | Computer Science homework help
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Cloud computing is the service availability of the computer system, especially cloud storage, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to users over the Internet. Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits but it has some Vulnerabilities also. There are some Possible Vulnerabilities are mentioned like: Data Breaches, Targeted Attack, Simple Human Errors, Application Vulnerabilities, Poor Security Policies, Natural Disasters, Simple Human Errors, Hard Drive Failures, Power Failures, Malware Infection, Weak Network Architecture, Insecure Network Protocol, Vulnerable Application, Vulnerable Systems and APIs, Weak API Credentials, Key Management, Operating System Bugs, Hypervisor Bugs, Unlatched Software. “Many cloud computing providers such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and Amazon are moving towards adoption of cloud technology leading to a considerable escalation in the usage of various cloud services” (Birje, 2017).

Data breaches are a major issue in cloud computing. Because some attackers and unauthorized web sides try to steals data without user permission. It is only because of poor services. It allows us to enter an unauthorized network in the source network and steals private data. Hackers are easily found the data in private services also. Cloud computing runs software, the software has vulnerabilities and tries to exploit those vulnerabilities. In cloud computing, Consumers have reduced visibility and control. When transitioning assets/operations to the cloud, organizations lose some visibility and control over the operations. When users are using external cloud services, then it becomes the responsibility of some of the policies.

The main issue in cloud computing is lost Stored DataData stored in the cloud can be lost for reasons other than malicious software attacks. Accidental deletion of data by the cloud service provider or a physical disaster, such as a fire or earthquake, can lead to the permanent loss of customer data. The burden of avoiding data loss does not fall on the provider’s shoulders. The employee of the organization encrypts its data before uploading it to the cloud but loses the encryption key, the data will be lost.

            Increase Cyber security Risk is due to a lack of understanding. Organizations transfer the data into the cloud often without understanding the full scope of doing so, the security measures used by the cloud computing services, and responsible to provide security measures. Employees or user decides to use cloud services without fully understanding how those services must be secured. “Virtualization technologies allow multiple tenants to share physical resources with a degree of security and isolation that cannot be guaranteed by mere containerization” (Pietro & Lombardi, 2018).

Many organizations operating in the cloud in every service when already know about the cyber security risk. Cloud computing service failure, because the customers do not understand the security, depends on which points and meetings. The organization chooses cloud service as security that should be awarded by all threats also and update all the employees and users as well and should be followed all the steps for security. “With cloud computing emerging as the latest technological advancement, it also brings various unexplored threats which raise critical security questions about data security on the cloud” (Bhattacharya, 2017).



Net neutrality defines the principles of the internet for the service provider companies that they must treat all types of internet communications equally. The companies must not charge for the different internet services differently which can be defined on the basis of user content, types of the types of equipment used, destination, and the source address. With the presence of net neutrality, internet service provider companies may not charge money for some specific content or service, slower down the internet connection, or intentionally block some of the internet content to charge extra for the service. When net neutrality was not present, internet service provider companies would charge the customers for various tiers of services and intentionally block some of the websites and services used by the users. “The most basic definition of net neutrality is to prohibit payments from content providers to internet service providers; this situation we refer to as a one-sided pricing model, in contrast with a two-sided pricing model in which such payments are permitted” (Greenstein, 2016).

Net neutrality applies to cloud computing also as this also a service that is provided by the service provider companies. The rules of net neutrality that applies to cloud computing are:

The service provider company provides software as a service that cannot restrict or block the access of the users to cloud computing and storage services. The service provider companies providing software as a service cannot differentiate between its customers taking the same service from the company. They cannot favor one customer in the areas such as accessibility, storage capacity, storage elasticity, responsiveness, and many other types of services provided by the companies to the users. The service provider companies cannot provide special services at selective offers to some of the specific customers who have opted for the same services at the same expense. “The interpretation is that if a cloud platform is owned by the Internet access provider, the cloud is just a part of the network and under the NN regulation” (Kantola, 2019).

Net neutrality helps in determining the efficiency of cloud technology. It helps in managing the provider’s service to be provided to customers equally worldwide when they are paying equal in every term. Net neutrality helps in maintain the clouding services and upgrades the response time for every company equally. The small businesses that are using cloud computing services to become big and compete with the big giants are treated equally in terms of clouding space and software as a service. “One of the “fathers” of the Internet, Vincent Cerf (who, with Robert Kahn, developed the TCP/IP protocols, used in the early days of ARPANET, the Internet’s precursor, and which are still used today) pointed out in his Communications of the ACM column that “the Internet has always been open,” and “what we should not and must not tolerate is the arbitrary shutting down of pathways that can link together our increasingly global societies” (Austin, 2018). Net neutrality affects clouding technology as the security of the data saved is hampered. When the company integrates cloud into their existing company, it requires a proper assessment of the resources and business needs to develop a cloud security strategy. There is also a view that the security technology is already developed in a way that net neutrality won’t affect the working in the clouding technology but it will define the guidelines of the service provider and the user of the services (Austin. 2018).


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