Response three of my classmates discussions today in 4 hours 150

Post by Nune Vardanyan

16 hours agoRe: Week 7 | Discussion – A Plan and a Promise

God’s covenant was meant to be a guide for the way of life the Israelites were meant to lead. If they followed the rules of the covenant then they were guaranteed to have a safe and protected environment in the promised land. Abraham was meant to lead his people into the promised land where they would obey God and follow the commandments. They were supposed to remain faithful, but since they disobeyed God and did not remain faithful they were no longer able to enter the promised land. But the entire nature of Gods covenant with Israel was to connect God and the people of Israel in a spiritual way and through faith.

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Response three of my classmates discussions today in 4 hours 150
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After God made a covenant with Noah originally. Then with Abraham for the people of Israel. After that a new one was made with Isaac, but regardless of the fact it was renewed the point was the same. God wanted the people to live a holy life together. When God then gave Moses the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel needed to follow it and live by it in order for it to spread across other realms. Yet we know what the end result of that was.

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1 day agoWeek 7 Discussion

   God’s covenant with the Nation of Israel wasn’t the first covenant/“partnership” he has tried to create to save the world of sin that started in the Garden when Eve and Adam bite the forbidden fruit. From that point on God tried to find ways to wash the people of the rooted evil that now lives through everyone  because Eve and Adam. Now we all know the nation of Israel which are the ancestors of the family of Abraham who God has also created a covenant with as well. The nation of Israel’s covenant with God began with God promising Moses, that he would help him lead the Israelites out of Egypt to freedom. This all sounded great for Moses who really truly loved and was faithful to God and God’s plan. But once the Israelites got a taste of freedom they became full greed and started to grow away from God. This angered God so much but he remembered his promises he made to this covenant and the covenants before so he gave mercy to them. But the Israelites still broken the covenant that had the ultimate effect of God not having his presence there but he still did destroy this covenant that ultimately turned their back at God. But since the Israelites broke their covenant it ultimately had a cause and effect cause later on Jesus comes along as the New Covenant that officially succeeds at washing away the deep rooted sin of all the people so that we all can have the freedom to grow in personal partnership with God and be free from sin. 


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