Rhetorical analysis assignment | English homework help

Watch this video (5 minutes). Then use what you have learned about the Rhetorical Triangle, the four lines of argument, and the Lesson on Focus to write an analysis of its rhetoric. Do this in two pages or less and use MLA format. Assume that your audience has just seen the video so you will not have to first summarize it. 

Note: This piece seems to be a response to another video that was posted a few months earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4OK9DmLpCY

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Rhetorical analysis assignment | English homework help
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  1. Consider the Rhetorical Triangle here. Who is the speaker? Who is the audience? What is the message? (This last one would be a summary of his main ideas.)
  2. Describe Jobs’ ethos. What credibility did he have with the audience before he even walked in? What credibility did he build with the audience as he delivered the speech?
  3. What was the occasion?  Did that make the audience more open to his message or less open?
  4. What was he trying to accomplish with the message?  Was he effective? In other words, did he accomplish what he set out to do?
  5. Consider the four lines of argument here.
    • Can you identify any examples of logos used? Were they effective for this audience on this occasion?
    • Can you identify any examples of ethos
    • Can you identify any examples of pathos?
    • Can you identify any examples of kairos?


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