Rhetorical analysis essay. | English homework help


Change this sample questions into a statement to make a thesis.

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Rhetorical analysis essay. | English homework help
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• What is President Bush’s audience, and what rhetorical devices does he use to persuade them?

Use the MLA format and the following guidelines for typing your essay.


1 –Use Times New Roman font and 12 pt. font size in a 460-600 word essay.

2 –Double space. Put page numbers on the top right corner.

3 –Begin the essay with an introductory paragraph that includes a thesis.

4 –Write 2–4 body paragraphs that give evidence for the thesis. Organize these paragraphs by topics.

5 –Each body paragraph will have a topic sentence.

6 –End with a concluding paragraph that contains a rephrased thesis.

7–Commentary and Quotes

7 –Write the complete source information at the bottom under “Works Cited” and include any other source cited in the text, as well.



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