Risk assessment for security domains in an organization (due 27



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Risk assessment for security domains in an organization (due 27
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1) APA 6th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 27 Mar

3) 4-5 Pages minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 4 References (including the two provided/uploaded)

5) Plagiarism-Free 

Background/References/Required Reading:

Practicing risk assessment fundamentals, processes, and matrixes provides one an opportunity to apply the learning in the real world. Choose a (ONE) information system security domain (listed below) of a (ONE) organization or industry (ie Walmart, Banking, FAA/Govt) and either assess comprehensively or focus on two or three major perspectives with an in-depth discussion rather than covering all the aspects of risk assessment.

NIST (2015). National Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Federal Information Systems. (uploaded)

NSF International. (2016, February 5). Risk-based decision-making [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/-lkob2jJ1Ls

CISSP Security Domains: 

Security and Risk Management

Asset Security

Security Engineering

Communications & Network Security

Identity & Access Management

Security Assessment & Testing

Security Operations

Software Development Security


Please write a 4 to 5-page paper titled:

“Risk Assessment for ______ (your chosen information system security domain in your chosen organization/industry): Challenges and Solutions”

Address the following issues:

-Special requirements of risk assessment in your chosen information system security domain in your chosen organization/industry.

-Two or three major perspectives of risk assessment that you selected for an in-depth discussion.

-One or two major lessons learned from the examples that you would like to apply in your own risk assessment issue context.

-Key challenges and solutions of risk assessment.


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