Role of project manager for a project on a wedding


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Role of project manager for a project on a wedding
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Assignment 2


BSB51107 Diploma of Management






HMPB Manage Projects for Business



HMPB:     Manage Projects for Business

Group Assignment

Case Study




You are to take on the role of Project Manager for a project which your teacher will assign to you.  Options included will be;

1)    Preparing a garden

2)    Planning a 21st Birthday

3)    A Wedding

4)    Preparing for a conference (national)

5)    Preparing for an adventure camping trip

6)    Building a house extension

7)    Set up a business operation interstate

Students may choose other options but must be approved by your teacher.

In this simulated workplace scenario, you are to imagine that you have a team of three other people assisting you with the project.


The project duration should be no longer than nine months and no shorter than one month.

Task One                                                                              5 marks

Write an overview of the project, which is designed to be presented to senior management.  The overview should include information about the technology to be implemented and business and technical issues that will need to be addressed.


Task Two                                                                              7 marks


Identify your project’s goals and objectives.

Identify through research, any relevant legislation that would need to be considered such as,

Anti-discrimination legislation, codes of practice (such as would be for a house extension or an adventure camping trip, etc.). Also consider any ethical principles, privacy issues, OH&S and environmental factors.


Task Three                                                                           6 marks

Create a Work Breakdown diagram.


Task Four                                                                             5 marks

Create a Network diagram

Task Five                                                                              3 marks

Estimate the earliest and latest start times for each activity.



Task Six                                                                                5 marks

Identify the critical path of the project.


Task Seven                                                                           4 marks

Construct a Gantt chart indicating the timeline and activities for the project.


Task Eight                                                                                      5 marks

Estimate the costs for the project. Break the costs per activity.


Task Nine                                                                              5 marks

Explain how you would crash your project if one of the activities was delayed by 2 days. Explain the affect on cost (if any).


Task Ten                                                                               5 marks

Close down the project upon completion. What are the various considerations?

Explain how you would determine if your project was a success.









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