Roles of human resource management

One of the most important roles of human resource management is finding the right staff for the organisation. In the current, changing business environment this is presenting the HR manager with a number of challenges. The scarcity of skills and talent, the need to hire for aptitude and potential not current skills, and the need to match employee and organisational values are being widely debated.
Critically examine the changing focus of staffing policy, using practical illustrations, to demonstrate how and why the focus on staffing practice has changed. Examples can be drawn from your own experience, workplace and academic literature.
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.Rationale
This assignment is designed to:
familiarise students with the nature of the HRM phenomenon and the different perspectives from which it is viewed;encourage students to explore various HRM theories;develop the ability to identify the importance of the HR function in the effective management of people;familiarise students with the gap which may exist between the academic theories and the real world practice of HRM;encourage students to develop a critical understanding of the extent to which organisations adhere to espoused HRM policies;encourage students to explore the various HR challenges such as environmental, organisational, individual and in the performance of their day-to-day responsibilities; complicated relationship among top management, line managers, HR managers and employees and its effect on HR policies and practices;encourage students to develop sound analytical skills based on in-depth literature research, learnt theories, case studies and work practices.Marking criteriaGRADING CRITERIA: Assignment 1

Essay Writing
Essays are a learning tool. They require you to gather and assess a range of information in relation to a particular question. To do this you need to distinguish between information that is relevant and not relevant, evaluate what people have said, and arrive at your own ideas on the topic based upon the different perspectives and viewpoints you have examined. Your ideas then need to be presented in such a way that the reader can clearly understand your view, the debate surrounding the topic and how you have arrived at your position. This means your ideas must be clearly articulated, logically presented and well supported.
There are many sites where you can find information about essay planning, structure, and formatting. If you are unclear about how to begin use the structure found at .
Remember your essay should present your ideas and be supported with appropriate evidence and references.

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Roles of human resource management
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