Saint maybe by anne tyler

Assignment 1: By making specific reference to chapters 1 and 2 of Saint Maybe, explain how families can be both stable and nurturing, yet show serious liabilities. 

Your response should be from 4-6 paragraphs in length. 

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Saint maybe by anne tyler
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Assignment 2:

  Read Chapter 8: I Should Never Tell You Anything


After reading Chapter 8, write a letter to Ian telling him that you think he should alter his expectations for meeting the “perfect” mate.

Contact Information:

Ian Bedloe
8 Waverly Street
Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Assignment 3:

Write a rant from the perspective of ONE of the following characters:
  • I am Ian!
  • I am Rita!
  • I am Daphne!
  • I am Thomas!
  • I am Agatha!
  • I am Beastie!
  • I am Reverend Emmett!
  • I am Joshua!


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