Sbe 330 new product development week 4 complete devry

SBE 330 New Product Development 

Week 4 Discussions, Case Study and Course Project

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Sbe 330 new product development week 4 complete devry
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Week 4 DQ 1

Which section or sections of a business plan submitted to venture capitalists are the strongest and which sections are traditionally the weakest? Identify and discuss at least two weak sections of traditional business plans.


Week 4 DQ 2

In your opinion, how many gates or stages should a new product development process have? Would you eliminate any of the gates enumerated in the text? Why, or why not?


Week 4 Assignments:

Case Study 1 – Innovation is usually a catalyst

Case Study 2 – The fundamentals of Philips were laid

Course Project – Report of Sections 4-6 of Project


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