Short paper 3-4page for media study


*All the things need to be originality, can not copy on others. write a 3-4 page double-spaced and typewritten essay that answers ONE of the following questions.  Your paper must have a minimum font size of 11 and a maximum font size of 12.

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Short paper 3-4page for media study
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Paper question :[T]he only secure thing about modernity is its insecurity, its penchant, even, for ‘totalizing chaos.’”   David Harvey The Condition of Postmodernity, p. 11.


According to ONE of the texts that we have read (Benjamin, McLuhan, Anderson, Schivelbusch, or Harvey), what role does technology play in the emergence of this insecurity? In what ways does Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times reflect OR contradict the perspective on modernity that the author you choose has described?  Where and how do we see this perspective in the film?  Please describe at least two specific examples from scenes that support your argument and include direct quotations fr om the author of the article that you are referring to.






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