shutterbug’s camera store | Information Systems homework help

Create a class for Shutterbug’s Camera Store, which is having a digital camera sale. The class is named DigitalCamera. and it contains data fields for a brand, the number of megapixels in the resolution and price. Include a constructor that takes arguments for the brand and megapixels. If the megapixel parameter is greater then 10, the constructor sets it to 10. The sale price is set based on the resolution; any camera with 6 megapixels or fewer is $99, and all other cameras are $129. Also include a method that displays DigitalCamera details. Write an application namedTestDigitalCamera in which you instantiate at least four objects, prompt the user for the values for the camera brand and number of megapixels, and display the values.

This is in Java.

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shutterbug’s camera store | Information Systems homework help
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