Significant issues section – required for 2 different companies – 2

This assignment is the continuation to the below assignment:

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Significant issues section – required for 2 different companies – 2
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SECTION 2 – Significant Issues.  

A discussion of Current or Pending issues facing the Company (representing 25 points of the assignment’s total grade).  The issues may be positive or negative BUT DO NOT address whether they are positive or negative in this section; (that determination is left to your discretion on section 3 of the assignment). 


You must identify and discuss at least three issues.  At least one of these issues should be one you personally developed/identified/detected as a result of your research.  The issue you personally identify/develop/detect should NOT be one that has been documented in some media publication or news article AND you must identify if as the issue you developed.  You must identify the issue you personally identified or developed.  Your self-developed issue is a clear indication that you meet the minimum requirements of the introduction of critical thinking program outcomes.

This section must be at least 2 pages in length.

There must be a separate paragraph for each of the 3 issues you identify.

Each issue must be adequately explained and justified as a valid issue.  In other words, make your case on why it is an issue or what makes it an issue.

Each issue must be supported with at least 3 supporting points.


Company 1: Eastman Chemical

Company 2:Johnson and Johnson

I need the same requirements for 2 companies. So 2+pages each for both companies. Please check the attachments for how the Citations would look like and the APA formats and other details


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