Sls1505 – college survival skills assignment 1

 Janeise De Armas,In this module, you learned about the characteristics of successful students. In this assignment, you will explore your own strengths as a learner and identify the areas you need to improve.Complete at least two inventories that assess your learning style, attitudes, study skills, or motivations. You can use one of the following inventories, or find your own.

  1. The VARK Questionnaire:
  2. Learning Style Inventory:
  3. Multiple Intelligences Assessment:
  4. Assessing Study Habits:


  1. In a word-processing document, write a one- to two-page paper completing the following tasks:
    • Describe each of the inventories you found and completed.
    • Write at least three paragraphs about what you discovered about yourself as a learner. Include your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.
    • Write at least three paragraphs about your specific plan to improve your skills, motivations, attitudes, and learning. What changes will you make? What resources will you need?
    • Submit your document.
  2. Be careful with plagiarism.
  3. Remember to cite resources.

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Sls1505 – college survival skills assignment 1
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