software system, software products | Computer Science homework help


Part A (1000 words): Annotated Bibliography – Create an annotated bibliography that focuses on ONE particular aspect of current Software Engineering that face a world with different cultural standards. At least seven (7) peer-reviewed articles must be used for this exercise.

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software system, software products | Computer Science homework help
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Part B (3000 words):

Research Report – Write a report of the analysis and synthesis using the (Part A) foundational Annotated Bibliography

Part C (500 words): Why is it important to try to minimize complexity in a software system.

Part D (500 words): What are the advantages and disadvantages to companies that are developing software products that use cloud servers to support their development process?

Part E (500 words): Explain why each microservice should maintain its own data. Explain how data in service replicas can be kept consistent?


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