Sorting data (db) | Computer Science homework help

When using a bubble sort to sort a 10-element array, on the fourth pass through the array list you detect that no swap has occurred. This indicates all elements in the array are already in the correct order.Sorting algorithm Bubble is a simple sorting algorithm. It works by reviewing each item on the list that is going to be sorted with the next one, exchanging them in position if they are in the wrong order. It is necessary to review the entire list several times until no more exchanges are needed, which means that the list is sorted. The bubble sort, although easy to understand, is not the most efficient sorting routine.

  1. Why might you never need to write a program that sorts data as a professional programmer? Please give an example of an occasion when you would need to sort records.
  2. Explain how to use a flag variable to determine whether the list has been fully sorted before the entire list is processed. This situation will occur when the list is mostly sorted before the bubble sort begins.

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Sorting data (db) | Computer Science homework help
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