Sources must be cited in apa format. your response should be four (4)

R04 Human Relations

Directions: Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages; refer to the “Assignment Format” page located on the Course Home page for specific format requirements.

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Sources must be cited in apa format. your response should be four (4)
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Respond to the items below.


1.     If people are already paid by their employer to carry out a job, why should it still be important for somebody to motivate them?


2.     Suppose a worker is much more interested in personal and family life than performing well or getting promoted. What approach might the worker’s supervisor use to motivate him or her toward high performance?


3.     A major strategy for helping others grow and develop is to be a nurturing, positive person. Discuss how a nurturing person promotes the growth of others.


4.     What is your opinion on whether workers have a responsibility to help each other grow and develop?












Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric below for the grading criteria for this assignment.


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