Specal education? | Education homework help

MTSS/RTII vs Discrepancy Model Position Paper (60 points)


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Specal education? | Education homework help
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You will be expected to review two articles from peer-reviewed journals in the field of special education. One article should address viewpoints on the MTSS/RTII model and the other must discuss the special education discrepancy model. These models are utilized across the nation when determining special education qualifications. Based on your review of both articles, you will need to “assume a side” via a written response. Your position paper should be no longer than 4-5 pages.  You must write a summary of each article, then share your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with each model. There is not a correct format for this position paper; it should simply be evidence of your use of critical thinking skills. Include APA references and citations within the position paper. You should also be prepared to briefly discuss your position with the class.  See rubric for further explanation.


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