Special education wk | English homework help

From the list below, pick a topic for the Week 8 Assignment.  Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the topic you have chosen. Using 5-8 slides, present information that will give the viewer an overview of the topic. Be sure to address any controversies surrounding the topic.  Cite at least 3 resources that you used to support your work, using APA formatting. This presentation MUST be 504 compliant. Check your font, size, and contrast please.


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Special education wk | English homework help
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  • American with Disabilities Act – what ADA entails, how to implement it, examples of accommodations etc.
  • IEP Process: define participants and their roles, sample IEP, IEP content, measurable goals and objectives (what does it mean, examples)
  • IFSP (same content as IEP)
  • Early intervention programs/Assessment/Strategies
  • Response to Intervention
  • Autism – characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies
  • ADHD – characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies
  • Learning Disabilities – characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies
  • Behavior Modification Programs:  guiding principles, why they work, examples of classroom management techniques.  Functional Behavioral Analysis, ABC analysis (antecedent behavior consequence)
  • Assessment strategies and alternate assessment strategies for exceptional children
  • Effect of disabilities on families/ support for families /family resources
  • Evidence based strategies for teaching children with disabilities
  • NCLB and children with disabilities
  • Transitional and Vocational Planning
  • Assistive technology for various disabilities, augmentative and alternative communication devices
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism
  • Gifted Education
  • Differential Instruction
  • Co-teaching, multi-age classrooms, other teaching strategies

Grading rubric


Please do not copy the question into your presentation.

Possible points

Student points

Your presentation illustrates your topic, and provides the major points of the topic. You provided enough detail to go beyond bullet points and create interest.



You demonstrated a consistent command of sentence boundaries and spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage conventions. Although minor errors may be evident, they do not detract from the fluency of the writing or the clarity of your essay.



You used at least 3 appropriate references, and cited them following APA 6th ed. formatting style.



Presentation was correct length. Attention was given to make sure the presentation was 504 compliant.








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