Statement of purpose | Business & Finance homework help

write statement of purpose for international student who is willing to do master degree in Human Resource area. So, basically, you will just need to create some thoughts and ideas in how this degree or this major will help your future career in terms of human resource issues. Moreover, my undergraduate background was in College of Business and my major is Management, and my specialization is Management Information Systems, so you can come up with how this undergrad background will help you do the master in the human resource area.

Personal essay that includes your specific plans for the program, including information about:

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Statement of purpose | Business & Finance homework help
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1. your reason for pursuing the degree and desired emphasis of study,
2. your past work and/or volunteer experiences,
3. yourself as a learner, including what learning activities you undertake outside of or since your undergraduate study,
4. your expectations for graduate study,
5. your projected career goals


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