Stock valuation problems | Business & Finance homework help

1 – What is the value of a common stock if the firm’s earnings and dividends are growing annually at 10%, the current dividend is $1.32, and investors require a 15% return on investment?


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Stock valuation problems | Business & Finance homework help
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2 – What is the stock’s rate of return if the market price of the stock is $35?


3 – A firm has preferred stock outstanding with a $1,000 par value and a $40 annual dividend with no maturity. If the required rate of return is 9%, what is the price of the preferred stock?


4 – The market price of a firm’s preferred stock is $24 and pays an annual dividend of $2.50. If the stock’s par value is $1,000 and it has no maturity, what is the return on the preferred stock?


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