Storyboard and moodboard – therupetic grafitti

Hi, need a storyboard and a moodboard created for a project called therupetic grafitti. basically the users will be able to use virtual graffiti as a way to recover from mental stress. 

For the moodboard, images of graffiti in different styles, maybe graffiti artists working, and so on. For the storyboard, think of a lesson plan and activities! What will the app show them to do? What style of graffiti? Include a free draw and have them be able to save images and share them.

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Storyboard and moodboard – therupetic grafitti
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More details below:

The first is pretty easy. It’s called a moodboard, and it’s a collage of images, patterns, colors, textures, design elements and typography that suggest the “feel” of your application. Attention should be paid to the anticipated preferences of your end user, and to the subject matter of your app. What fits visually with both? What emotions or affinities are you seeking to evoke? This basically an exercise in collecting samples and then editing them for impact and consistency. The resulting image should be fairly large, say 1024 X 768, and it should provide a context for design decisions you will make in the GUI.

The second is the storyboard. It is not a series of GUI sketches of the screens in your application, but instead it’s about the story your app will tell. If it is a game, what is the goal? What is the setting, who are the characters, what are the challenges? If it is an educational application, what is the lesson plan? What are the tasks, what are the simulations, what is the content? How does the app incentivize the user, or measure their progress? A storyboard has multiple panels, usually six or eight at minimum, that describe the journey your app will take the user on. Where do they start, what will they see on the expedition, and where do you want them to end up? The panels should be fairly large, say 640 X 480. The storyboard should leverage the “look and feel” of the moodboard and should have a consistency in its presentation. 


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