Strayer bus 325 ch 1 quiz

BUS 325 CH. 1 QUIZ 1


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Strayer bus 325 ch 1 quiz
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• Question 1

  A Japanese citizen working in Hong Kong for a Japanese multinational would be classified as:
• Question 2
  Which department of an organization is the major user of language translation services?
• Question 3
  Cultural difference is not necessarily equivalent to:
• Question 4
  As foreign subsidiaries matures the local HR activities:
• Question 5
  An expatriate:
• Question 6
• Question 7
  What activity in international human resource would not be required in a domestic environment?
• Question 8
  HRM in the multinational context contains an overlap between elements of:
• Question 9
  Differences between domestic and international HRM include:
• Question 10
  Which of the following is not a function of internal resource management?
• Question 11
  Senior managers with little international experience:
• Question 12
  One major difference between domestic and international HRM is:
• Question 13
  An asymmetric event is:
• Question 14
  Which three dimensions are presented in Morgan’s model of IHRM?
• Question 15
  Which ratio is not part of” index of transnationality”?



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