Summary of book-need by 12 mid-night est. $10-sabx only


4-Mat Review Instructions

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Summary of book-need by 12 mid-night est. $10-sabx only
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The 4-MAT Review is a way of responding to readings, lectures, and life experiences that requires you, the learner, to interact with new ideas on several levels.You will write one 4-Mat Review for the Entwistle text and one for the McMinn text. In preparing your 4-Mat Reviews, use each of the 4 sections listed below with corresponding APA-style, Level 1 headers: 


  1. Summary: After listing the name of the book and author, summarize the book concisely in 500 “tight” words (no more than 2 pages). Prove that you comprehend the reading by writing a no-nonsense summary. The summary is not a commentary or listing of topics, but rather a heartfelt, condensed, insightful synopsis of the longer, more elaborate book. Cite the book in text at least once per paragraph, and include page numbers for direct quotations.

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and christianity by Daivd N. Entwistle pages 1-273.

Counseling 506


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