Summary | Reading homework help

Medieval history link below. if link does not open then you cab search medvieval history on wikipedia.,and%20the%20Age%20of%20Discovery.&text=The%20medieval%20period%20is%20itself,High%2C%20and%20Late%20Middle%20Ages.

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Summary | Reading homework help
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Gregorian Chant link below.


Gregorian Chant- Hildegard von Bingen: Alleluia


Notre Dame Organum


Rhythmic Modes

Notre Dame Organum


please read carefully. all links above are wikipedia links and few videos. please read and watch vedios and also textbook link is above. please also read from the text book.

 Read Prelude 2 and chapters titled Voice and Worship: Tradition and Individuality in Medieval Chant, and Layering Lines: Polyphony at Notre Dame in your textbook. I’ve also provided your outline, extra information and listening examples in D2L under Content: Medieval Period.  

after you done reading and watching everything please write 5 pages summary. 


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