Symbolism on the yellow wallpaper

 2) Explore the symbolism in the story. How do they contribute to the overall themes? Make sure to include at least the wallpaper and the final scene.


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Symbolism on the yellow wallpaper
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Please submit a thesis followed by a brief outline (in phrases or sentences, not paragraphs!) that includes major and minor points, using MLA format.


This should be an analytical persuasive essay. Narrow the focus and provide a viewpoint in a claim (thesis) you can support in your essay, with evidence from the story

The essay should be 600-800 words, typed, using MLA format. (No cover page please)

No outside research is necessary, unless you want to include some contextual data. Work on your own ideas about the story. Make sure to include 2-3 direct quotes and keep them no longer than 3 lines. 

Do your own work. Plagiarism is unacceptable!

Review the pages assigned in A Brief Guide: Arguing About Literature


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