System thinking and problem solving for it solutions

Rules completing the questions


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System thinking and problem solving for it solutions
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A. You are allowed and encouraged to do research beyond course materials. Of course, any readings beyond the course materials must be properly cited within your answers with logical pointers to full references cited once, and at the end of the entire exam.

B. Each answer must start on a new page.

C. Identify the questions you answered by their question number on the exam.

D. On every page, include a header consisting of your name and page number.

E. Points WILL be subtracted for spelling and grammar.



Critical thinking is often evaluated on eight standards, not all of which apply to all situations. please put following points in mind:

 Clarity of thought

 Accuracy of facts

 Precision of cited facts

 Relevance to the question at hand

 Depth and breadth as appropriate to the question

 Logic

 Fairness to alternative thoughts and opinions


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