systems selection and influences on workflows

Physicians and health care organizations may experience and become very concerned about the ways in which their workflow will change when implementing electronic health records. In other words, the methods and order in which they do care tasks and the needed actions by clinic staff will change. They need to plan for these practice changes as well as changes affecting data entry and retrieval.

Your task:

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systems selection and influences on workflows
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  1. Research and identify at least one outside source (e.g., literature or website) that addresses the need to change medical care process workflows.
  2. Write a 1 page paper that addresses these questions:
    • What aspect(s) of the medical care process will change? Which types of staff are involved?
    • Does the order in which tasks are accomplished undergo change?
    • What methods do you recommend to adjust to the change and re-train staff?
    • As a health information manager, what do you expect your role will be in managing as the practice or hospital adjusts to these changes? 

Be sure to cite your source(s) and make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammar errors.


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