Task: db establishing a constructive climate

 The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on your ability to establish a constructive climate.

  • After reading this chapter, how would you explain a constructive climate?
  • What does a leader need to do to establish a constructive climate? 
  • Take the Organizational Climate Questionnaire on page 202 in your textbook.  Once you have your results, identify your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • In this chapter, group norms are stressed as being very important to effective teams. Do you agree with this? Explain why.  Briefly comment on your own experience with norms in a group. Were you able to adapt to the rules? What challenges did you have? Or what challenges did you witness in the group? 
  • Finally, review Table 8.1 – Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback (page 190). Use one of the 5 tips to give someone in your life constructive feedback. Write out what you would tell them in order to provide this feedback. 


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Task: db establishing a constructive climate
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BOOK:  Northouse, P.G. (2020). Introduction to leadership: Concepts & Practice. 5th Ed., Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publishing, Inc., (ISBN: 978-1-544351599 or ISNB: 1544351593) 


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