Technical draft 4 | Computer Science homework help

Submit Draft 4 of your technical report here.

Include a revised or current outline (most outlines which have been submitted so far need revision) at the beginning of your document and begin the draft of the report on a new page.  At the end of the draft include all references you have found related to your topic.

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Technical draft 4 | Computer Science homework help
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Submit a Word file.

File Name:  LastName_FirstName_Draft4.docx.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All 4 required drafts must submitted when due.  If all the drafts are not submitted, the completed technical report (30% of semester grade) will not be accepted or graded.  Each successive draft must show substantial improvements from the previous draft. You cannot submit the same draft 4 times.

Must be submitted on time to receive credit for this assignment.


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