Telecommunication and network security | Computer Science homework help

 Here are the instructions for completing this assignment. Please read carefully after listening to the lecture recording and reading chapters 5 & 6, your task is to choose one of the following Network Security topics and investigate it in good details:

  • Network security management best practices
  • How to provide enhanced network security for enterprises using Layered security
  • Best practices for hardening systems and networks against attacks
  • Activities for network security assessment and assessment reviews

Once you chose a topic, write a reflection (3-4 paragraphs of approximately 250-to-300 words). You need to research this topic and add your comments about it; make sure you are not copying anything from the textbook or copying/pasting from any other sources. While you can research things, the write-up in the post MUST be your original words. Your initial post must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly references.

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Telecommunication and network security | Computer Science homework help
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