Term paper human resourse! | Human Resource Management homework help

Students will write an 8 page (main body) term paper analyzing the company issue and the
implications for the HR strategy. Students will use concepts learned in class for this thorough
analysis. (THE COPY OF THE CHAPTER- LINK BELOW!!!!) (THE  TOPIC IS ALREADY CHOEN. Same, The link below as well) !!!!!!!!
In addition to the course book and the annual report of the company, students will use at least 2
other sources, including one article they found on Proquest. Students will follow the university’s
style guidelines when writing the term paper, especially the guidelines regarding citations and
quotes. A bibliography will list all sources the student has used, followed by the following
sentence: I confirm that I have listed all sources I used in preparation for this term paper. This
statement will then be dated and signed. 
The paper will be graded based on thoroughness of analysis, application of concepts learned in
class or discussed in the course book, quality of sources used, and quality of style. 
Sample outline: 

1. Analysis of business issue 
a. What is the situation in the industry? Trends? Competition?
b. What is the business strategy of this company?
c. What are the main reasons for the development described in the article? 

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Term paper human resourse! | Human Resource Management homework help
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2. HR strategy
a. Which strategy does HR need to embrace to support the business strategy in 
the given context?
b. Which chapters of the text book help address the issue?  (CHAPTER 13!!!!!)

3. HR implementation
a. What are the next steps the HR organization should take?
b. How should HR go about it? Who does what? Who is involved? 

4. Alternative solutions
a. Could the company have done something differently?
b. From an HR point of view, was this decision the best decision?
c. What else needs to be taken into consideration?



Must be done based on the ARTICLE: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/09/business/international/air-france-puts-cost-of-pilots-strike-at-more-than-400-million.html?_r=1


CHAPTER 13 BOOK: https://cloud.mail.ru/767F84D7FADC4C25BB0D85721902ABC6



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