Term project outline | Human Resource Management homework help

For this discussion thread, you will provide an outline draft of your term project (reference term project details under “Course Guidance” in Lessons). In this outline, or a summary is acceptable, you will establish a possible thesis statement, an area of focus, and a forecast of the findings/results of the analysis. The area of focus could be technology, economy, political affairs, any other justifiable influence on the industry, or any combination thereof.  Keep in mind that a broader focus will necessitate a longer paper in order to properly define, analyze, and discuss each element. The outline will show your reasoning for why you selected that area of focus. Briefly explain the significance of the focus, provide a determination of influence on or from globalization or destination management, and define the relationship to planning and management of events.

Limit your explanation to two paragraphs or a bullet point outline.

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Term project outline | Human Resource Management homework help
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Consider some of the topics of discussion that have come up during the first few weeks.

Example outline –

Thesis Statement:


Focus points:

Focus A: (segment for each point identified above)

Significance: (determination of influence)

Relevance: (relation to planning events)

Possible reference source:



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