Terrorism paper | Human Resource Management homework help

Learning Objective and Basis for Assessment:  Successful completion of this assignment the student will be able to critically assess explanations of crime.

Based on your readings (Parts 13, 14, 15), you will be evaluating terrorism and theoretical explanations. Include in your paper by articulating information you have learned:

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Terrorism paper | Human Resource Management homework help
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·         What are the different types of terrorism? Provide two examples of domestic terrorism and two examples of international terrorism.

·         What is the USA Patriot Act? Do you believe this is an effective measure to fight terrorism?

·         Based on your learning, what theories do you believe provide the most effective explanation for terrorism and why individuals would engage in this criminal behavior?

Overall, do you believe we are prepared, as a country, to deal with current and future terrorism? If you were in charge of Homeland Security, articulate how you would you address the growing threat of terrorism. This paper should be a minimum of 3 pages of written text (not to include the cover page, abstract, and reference page), double spaced, and should include a minimum of 4 academically credible references (the textbook may count as 1 academic reference). Sources should be cited within the text and on the reference page using standard APA format.

Cullen, F., Agnew, R., & Wilcox P. (2014). Criminological Theory: Past to Present. Oxford University Press: New York, New York. 




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