The first american revolution | History homework help

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The first american revolution | History homework help
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Based on your reading of Ray Raphael’s book The First American Revolution and on our discussion of the revolution in lecture, please explain the role of “the people” in the American Revolution. In your essay examine why many people chose to rebel and what “the people” fought for. As you make your argument distinguish between the body of the people, who we called in lecture “the people out of doors,” and the gentlemen who sought to assert their own vision upon the struggle for independence from Britain.


Please address the following requirements carefully when writing your essay:

·         As you approach the prompt, make a clear argument and support it with evidence from Raphael’s book and from our lectures.

·         Please provide a thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph that clearly and concisely summarizes your argument.

·         To cite from Raphael’s book simply insert the page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.

·         To cite from lecture put my last name and the date of the lecture in parenthesis at the end of the sentence or the paragraph. Be sure to cite either when you quote or paraphrase. Indeed, aside from the introduction and conclusion paragraphs, you should provide citations in each paragraph, since any point you marshal to support your case must be based on your sources and properly documented.

·         Your essay should not be less that 1000 words and should not exceed 1200 words. This will amount to around 3 pages or just a bit more.

·         At the end of the essay please provide a ‘works cited’ page, documenting the version of the book that you used and the lectures you cited to make your argument.

·         Please provide the word count for the document at the very end.

·         Please use a 12 size font and double space format for your essay.

·         I will not accept any essays after the first five minutes of class. Any late essay will be discounted 3 points. Any essay that will be handed in more 24 hours after the due time will be docked 6 points, after 48 hours 9 points, and so on.


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