The grade marketing | Human Resource Management homework help

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The grade marketing | Human Resource Management homework help
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Each member of the team must read the attached article, Product for Hire, by Joe Sinfield and Scott D. Anthony. This article is about the ” jobs-to-be-done” framework (championed by disruptive innovation expert Clayton Christensen for new product development).

Each member of the team will select one different section from the article and write a brief report (no more than 1 page each) covering the following:

1. Explain what you learned from reading the section (that adds new understanding to marketing);

2. Explain the role of the jobs-to-be-done framework and how it can be used for segmentation and targeting (in the “science of marketing”);

3. Include examples from real companies (that you can get anywhere, except the article itself — get from our textbook, the internet, practical experience, etc.) that illustrates the points in number 1..

Here are the sections from which team members can choose:

· Article Introduction

· Stage 1: Identifying Demand

· Stage 2: Optimizing Solutions (This is the step I chose) 

· Stage 3: Capturing Value

· Stage 4: Defending Share

· Stage 5: Revitalizing Growth

· 6: Doing the Job of Finding the Job

Each team member only has to cover one (1) of the above topics. So, teams with 4 members have four topics; teams with 6 members have 6 topics, etc. The team leader must consolidate the reports and submit a single report to your instructor.


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