The nature of 2012 campaigns


You will then need to search for at least 1 article or video that describes either Obama’s or Romney’s media campaign and summarize it for use in your midterm assignment.

Some useful videos/databases include:

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The nature of 2012 campaigns
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  • PBS NewsHour & Website (videos not captioned, transcript included)
  • PCC POLSC 1 LibGuide: Databases (try searches using key words like ‘Obama/Romney media campaign 2012’):


For your Initial Post due by Wednesday 11:59 PM:

  1. Hit the reply button, below.
  2. Summarize your article about the Obama and Romney Media campaigns using your own words. Include a citation of your article or video. For more information about paragraph and summary writing, please see the OWL Purdue web page on Paragraphs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. For more information about Chicago Citations, please see the OWL Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

For your Response to at least 2 classmates due by Saturday, 11:59 PM:

  1. Ask for clarification (that is, ask questions) if needed.
  2. Respond adding your personal perspective, perhaps even talking about your own experience during the 2012 election.


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