The role of unions in the twenty-first century


What will be the role of labor unions in the twenty-first century? Some argue that the traditional role of the union in protecting the worker has been usurped by significant legislation protecting the worker against discrimination, unsafe work conditions, and unfair pay. Others point out that unions remain indispensable for several reasons; for example, because “at-will” employment is still the law of the land, meaning that most workers can be fired for any reason.

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The role of unions in the twenty-first century
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  • How does the role and purpose of the modern union need to be redefined to effectively serve its membership?
  • How does the presence of a union influence the job of the HR professional?



Analyze this case using the IRAC method in preparation for your assignment.

Labor Unions

These articles will give you background information on the types of union shops to help you analyze the case for your assignment.

Key Labor Laws

These laws and a web page outline the legal rights and obligations of employers and unions.


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