The talich fabricating inc. (talich) case

Part I – True and false and short answer format
Twenty (20) true and false questions (in total) related to cash, accounts receivable, inventory, deferred taxes, debt financing, lending criteria, ratio analysis, working capital structuring and valuation. A calculator will be required for some questions. Also, one short answer question will be asked related to working capital lessons learned in the course.
Part II – Potential exam questions
The Talich Fabricating Inc. (Talich) case will be used on the final exam and given to you at the July 28th class. The owner needs funds to finance an expansion. You should analyze the case from a lender’s perspective.
1. Does the industry, company history and ratio analysis support a viable on-going business that a banker would want to finance? Yes or no and reasons.
2. Does the 7C’s approach support financing the business? Yes or no and reasons.
3. What is the forecasted income statement, statement of financial position and statement of cash flows for 1996? Do the forecasted financials support financing the business? Yes or no and reasons.
4. What terms would you place on a loan to the company based on the value of the company including its net assets? Explain key terms such as percent of value, length of loan, and interest rate.
5. Does the expansion opportunity affect the profitability and working capital needs of the company? Yes or no and reasons.

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The talich fabricating inc. (talich) case
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