The topic: relationship between pathophysiology and evidence based | Advanced Patho | Adelphi University

Please start with the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, conduct a literature review and discuss the latest developments.

Please include a discussion section about new developments in diagnostic tests and technologies.

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The topic: relationship between pathophysiology and evidence based | Advanced Patho | Adelphi University
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In the conclusion section, please share your experience (if you have any) and include some tips for your NP colleagues.

Research Paper Instructions – You will write an original research paper about clinical applications of pathophysiology. I simply want you to choose a topic that will be helpful in your future career path. 

1) You can focus on the relationship between pathophysiology and evidence-based medicine and prepare a case study/literature review. As you know, “literature review” means the process of reading, analyzing, evaluating, and summarizing scholarly materials about a specific topic. In other words, you don’t have to design a study and/or collect data. 

2) You can choose any topic related to pathophysiology depending on your career plans and research interests.

– This paper will make up 20% of your final grade. 

– This will be a literature review. You will NOT collect and analyze any patient data because this requires IRB approval from both institutions. – Please use Adelphi University’s electronic library, you will find several full-text articles. 

– Your paper should be MINIMUM 3000 words long, not counting citations or pictures. This is the minimum number and please keep in mind that the more is better.

– Please follow APA style and include at least 10 peer-reviewed references 

– You don’t need to have “Abstract”, “Keywords”, and “Methodology” sections. Again, this will be a literature review, not an experimental trial. 

– Please do not forget to include a “Conclusion/Discussion” section at the end. This is the most important part where I want to see your own perspective about possible future applications/implementations. Do not worry about being subjective for this assignment, you don’t have to be objective in discussion section. I especially want to encourage our students to make some predictions about possible future (when possible). Even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates made several wrong predictions in the past, so I will not judge your conclusions, only grade the originality. 

– Studies, projects, experiences and findings that are contradicting each other could be a good start to make your own comments. 

– Here is a descriptive title example: “Comparison of Two Clinical Decision Support Tools for Diagnosis: XYZ and WZY”. – If you are not familiar with literature reviews, you can use the following link as a starting point: 

Literature Review Basics: What is a Literature Review?


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