To dr. clover (response needed for unit 5 first week from classmate)


Discussion Board Unit5

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To dr. clover (response needed for unit 5 first week from classmate)
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HR Plan Performance and Evaluation

I must say that I have enjoyed this course. It has given me a new meaning of HR Manager and the importance of the Human Resource operations and what it entails. In my career I have seen individuals placed in a position that they do not have the full understanding of their responsibilities because they have never received a formal education and it is two-fold. Individuals can obtain higher learning like we are doing but can you apply the knowledge obtained to your everyday work functions and can you begin to develop and set in place policies or processes that will help your team reach the company’s vision, mission and goals.

One thing I must say is that this course has given me a greater understanding of HR functions and the importance of being able to motivate individuals, getting to know the personalities of your team members, how important cultures and diversity is to a company, talent management as well as choosing the right candidates for a position. It has opened my mind and fueled it with strategies that can be used to improve employee performance and retention.

The knowledge I have gained from this course and completing the comprehensive project will definitely benefit me in advancing in my career. HR is indeed the backbone of a company so it will take a HRM with creativity and a desire to energize employees to their full potential in order to achieve company’s goals.

Despite the demands of this class it has been fruitful. Professor Yeakey has been great, thank you for your interaction on the discussion board and thank you to my fellow classmates it has been great! I wish you all success!


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