Totalitarianism questions | History homework help

Create a word processing document titled “Totalitarianism.” Copy the following questions to your document and answer in complete paragraphs (5 to 7 sentences). Be sure your answers are in your own words and not just copied from the reading.


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Totalitarianism questions | History homework help
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  1. How did WWI and the Great Depression contribute to the rise of dictators?
  2. Define Communism.
  3. Who was Nicholas II and what was his role in the downfall of the monarchy in Russia?
  4. What was the Bolshevik revolution?
  5. Who was Vladimir Lenin and what was the New Economic Policy?
  6. Who was Joseph Stalin and why was he important to Soviet history?
  7. Define Fascism and list the characteristics of Fascist governments.
  8. Define Militarism.
  9. Why and how was Japan showing aggression in the Pacific region?
  10. Define Nazism.
  11. List the methods Hitler used to gain power.



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