Treatment/prevention programs interview in this assignment analyze

Treatment/Prevention Programs Interview

In this assignment analyze a local drug use and abuse treatment or prevention program by interviewing a professional (either volunteer or paid) connected with the facility. Follow the steps below to complete the assignment:

Identify a treatment or prevention program in your community (Examples: treatment facility, specific prevention program in a school system, after-school program aimed at at-risk children, etc.) and someone to interview about the program.

Interview the professional asking about (1) the primary function of the program, (2) the clients served, (3) specific aspects of the program, and (4) the effectiveness in treatment or prevention of drug use and abuse.

Identify a specific theoretical explanation for why this particular program is appropriate for these specific clients. The theoretical explanation should include a discussion of the basic tenets of the theory, and how these concepts relate specifically to the identified program.

Your assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages of written text, using APA format (the cover and reference pages are not included in the minimum).

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Treatment/prevention programs interview in this assignment analyze
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