Two essay for literature | Literature homework help

I need Two essay for Literature


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Two essay for literature | Literature homework help
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Answer Twoquestions.


1) Compare the themes of race and/or identity in “To Da-Duh, In Memorium” and “Yet Do I Marvel” by Robert Frost OR “Rio Grande” by Americo Paredes.


2) Compare “Birches” and “Once By the Pacific” by Robert Frost making references to form, content, and the author’s background.


3) Compare the messages about the influence of power on innocent people using “The Cobbler and the Machine” and “The Old Chief Mshlanga.”


4) Discuss the representation of cultural contact zones in “Pearls and Swine” and “Peshawar Express.”


No outside sources in any way, you have just write it from this book ” an anthology of colonial and postcolonial short fiction ” 


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