Type: personal statement | English homework help


This is a personal statement for apply a college. The college is Temple University. Please must writing my personal experience background into the paragraph, and write down and praise more information and detail about Temple University business school – Fox Business School. Talk about I am very want to go to study in Temple by clearly. The most reason is their school and underacted pregame is very good in my mind.  

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Type: personal statement | English homework help
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Topic: Please tell us more about yourself. Relate one or more experiences or circumstances that have contributed to your personal or academic development. If you have been out of school for a year or longer, please discuss your activities during that period of time.



Personal experience background


   My name is Jiewen Chen, female. I bore on April 23, 1994. My high school is Guangzhou SiYuan High School. I studied in Guangzhou SiYuan High School, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China since September 2009. I get my graduation certificate in July 2012.

   In December 2011, I came to study in Community college Of Philadelphia. My major is accounting; however, I think accounting is not an interesting major for me, so I change my major to Finance. I finish my all ESL program in 2015 January; therefore, I take English 101 in Summer Class. Right now I have at lease 30 credits, which including fall semester 2015. I like United States, because there are many miracles in this beautiful country. Also, I miss my country, because there are my lovely family and my friends in my homeland. (More details)

    In Community College Of Philadelphia, I had a job in learning lab. My job is help students to make appointment to find a tutor help them finish their assignments. I like this job, because this job can give me more opportunity to make more new friends in this foreign country. (More details)  






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