Unit 6 discussion-personal finance fi201 chapters 11, 12,

Please post your understanding of the concepts presented in this unit’s reading assignment.  Also, use the Federal Reserve Bank [FRB] web sites in conjunction with the unit readings roll-out schedule to complete your assignment.  Select an item for presentation and discussion for this unit. The “popular press”, or in other words for us the: “www” is also an appropriate resource as well. Although [!] the FRB is a much more highly researched and authentic resource!

Post to the discussion thread your summary of the readings for the unit.  The exact topic presented is up to the student.

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Unit 6 discussion-personal finance fi201 chapters 11, 12,
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  • Initial responses are due by Wednesday 11:59 PM CT.
  • Response to at least one peer by Sunday 11:59 PM CT.


I will give you my log in at Park University so you can respond to one of my classmates discussions also.  


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