Unit ii powerpoint presentation | Law homework help

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation

Choose one of the four experiments discussed in Nelson’s (2012) article located in the Required Reading section of your Unit II Study Guide. Develop a PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the following points related to the experimentchosen:

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Unit ii powerpoint presentation | Law homework help
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1. Identify ethical principles violated.

2. Determine if informed consent was utilized appropriately. What could have been done differently?

3. Identify whether active or passive deception was used in the experiment, and discuss if it was harmful to subjects.

4. How could debriefing have been used in the experiment?

5. Would an institutional review board have approved this experiment? Why, or why not?

6. Define plagiarism and address how it could damage the integrity of the experiment. Address how plagiarism can be avoided in research.

Your PowerPoint Presentation should have a minimum of 12 slides and use outside sources to support your ideas. Atminimum, the textbook and the Nelson (2012) article should be used. All sources used should be cited according toproper APA standards. Be sure to include cover and reference slides, and use the slide notes function to explain slidecontents as necessary.


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